Monday, October 15, 2007

Black Cats

It's almost Halloween.

I'm pleased that I won't be required to be part of anyone's costume this year. You hear a lot about people adopting cats just to be part of a costume or something, but I wonder how much of that really goes on. It's the same story around Easter with bunnies and chicks. Not the costume part, but the adopting an animal as an accessory.

I guess that sort of thing could happen. I don't know how that would work out for the adoptor, though. It's not like black cats are terribly compliant as a species. In fact, knowing that one was adopted under such pretenses could really evoke advanced levels of cattitude and naughtiness.

You'd have better luck trying to get a crow to perch on your shoulder.

(Little known fact, there are several direct links between Schubert cats and crows. Seems crazy, does it not? Crazy, though, would be looking at a Schubert and a crow and not seeing the similarities in demeanor, splendor, language, and so on.)