Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Nothing brings you back to Earth faster than sharing food, water, and pan with four other cats.

Sometimes I think I should have kept my campaign rolling just for the tour bus and security detail. On the upside, I do still rule the roost around here. Just now, Murray stopped by to see if I wanted to play and before he finished asking, he averted his eyes and backed out of the room.

So I've got that going.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

One of the things my campaign team decided upon while my candidacy was still up in the air was my campaign song. Some of the more well-known examples include Bill Clinton using Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" in 1992 to great effect, and Reagan's use of "Born in the U.S.A." in 1984, which was a questionable choice at best. The idea, obviously, is to tie a message to a popular song and to use the voting public's shared experience with that song for the campaign.

I decided to go with Simon and Garfunkel's "America," which features a protagonist and a traveling companion on a journey "to look for America." My primary campaign message was going to be that partisan politics have compromised the foundation on which this country has built its greatness. My intent was to invite the public to join my quest to find America, the true America, the America that we all love, rather than the America we have become. And I would have looked out over my sea of support, and assured the crowd that we'd all come to look for America.

And together, we would find it.

As a follow-up, arrangements to have Simon and Garfunkel reunite to perform this song should I have received the nomination proved fruitless. Of course, had I persuaded the reunion, the metaphorical implication would have been that I was truly a uniter. Man, that would have been gold.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I am, I said.

As you no doubt have been aware, for January and most of February, I have been away from the blogosphere. Simply put, I took a break from blogging to attend to a rather serious matter. At the dawn of the new year, I formed an exploratory committee to determine the viability of a run at the presidency. Having declared a New Year's resolution to acquire more power, a bid for the White House seemed like a terrific idea.

I hired two attorneys, a P.R. man, a fundraiser, an administrative assistant, a speech writer, a wardrobe consultant, and two media analysts to determine whether I should join the Presidential fracas and we determined, after nearly two months of round-the-clock planning and analysis, that I will not run in 2008. Let there be no misunderstanding: finances or polling numbers were not the issue. My team assured me that a fundraising tour would put us on the map financially and that I was already polling well among single women. There was, however, one hitch.

My P.R. man demanded my Blogger password and planned to turn my blog over to the speech writer, with the plan being to eventually hire an additional consultant for full-time blog duties. His thinking was that I would be too busy to blog and that we needed to maximize World of Bil-Wau's potential as a communication tool. He and I butted heads viciously over this issue. The World of Bil-Wau is my voice and I refuse to allow it to be ghost written. I will not have consultants screening or editing my posts. I will not be diluted.

So, you see, I've chosen the few over the many. I've chosen my readers over my country. And I have no regrets.

For now, I leave you with what would have been my first campaign poster. See you soon.